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防疫期間中國文化大學學生宿舍 因應新冠肺炎疫情防疫規範
Chinese Culture University Pandemic Prevention Guideline for Dormitory Residents

By 2022 年 4 月 22 日 / 最新消息


  1. 住宿生離開寢室需全程配戴口罩,寢室內若有兩人以上同在者,請於寢室內也配戴以提高防疫安全。
  2. 為避免群聚住宿生不得至其他寢室拜訪、逗留與聊天。
  3. 住宿生浴廁不得跨區跨樓層使用,僅可使用所屬樓層分配浴廁,且使用公共衛浴設備及其他公用設備前後,務必使用學校提供之消毒水或酒精自行進行清潔消毒。
  4. 住宿生不得於公共區域逗留,宿舍公共空間禁止群聚、聊天、飲食等。
  5. 嚴禁帶非館樓住宿生進入宿舍避免形成防疫漏洞,如有違反本項規定屬情節重大,得予以退宿。
  6. 保持寢室良好通風狀況,如有開空調仍請開窗維持通風。
  7. 違反前開各項規範經查證屬實者且情節重大者,得不經退宿會議予以退宿,並喪失日後住宿權。
  8. 住宿生如有身體不適之情況、自行進行快篩、或接獲衛生單位通知需實施居家隔離、居家檢疫、自主健康管理、PCR採檢者,須即時通報宿管及校安中心(02-28616630 、 0986716630),如有進行檢測者須回報檢測相關結果。
  9. 本防疫規範經全校防疫會議通過實施。

In light of the surge of confirmed COVID-19 cases, CCU urges dormitory residents to stay healthy and follow the following rules:

  1. All residents must wear a mask upon leaving the rooms. Students who live with one and more roommates should wear a mask in their room as well.
  2. All residents should try to avoid visiting, gathering and chatting with other residents.
  3. Residents should avoid using bathrooms on the other floors. The school has provided the sanitizer and medical alcohol in the dormitories. Residents are advised to disinfect the facilities in public areas before and after use them.
  4. All residents should avoid lingering in the public areas. Gatherings, chatting and dieting in the public areas are prohibited.
  5. Do not invite non-residents into the dormitories. Violation could lead to severe consequences, resulting in losing the right to stay in the dormitory.
  6. All residents are advised to open the windows to keep the room well-ventilated even if the air conditioning is on.
  7. Violation to the above rules once confirmed will lead to severe consequences. The residents could lose their rights and be denied for future application to stay in the dormitory.
  8. Residents who experience symptoms, take a rapid test, or receive notification from the health authorities to implement home isolation/quarantine/ self-health management, please report to the school and campus security center (02-28616630, 0986716630). Please report the PCR test result.

The guideline was approved by the school administration meeting and became effective.

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