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Notices for Self-Isolation Accommodation Chinese Culture University Pandemic Prevention Measures

By 2022 年 4 月 22 日 / 最新消息
  1. 移至校外隔離宿舍之學生均需加入LINE關懷群組,以確保居隔期間資訊暢通,搬離隔離宿舍後次日始得退出群組。
  2. 居隔期間之用餐取用時間,請確實依照關懷群組提示之時間取餐,以免因開門相互接觸。
  3. 入住期間如果有身體不適狀況請立即先通報1922協助;若是發生胸悶或呼吸急促等緊急狀況請直接撥打119要求醫療協助。並請通報校安中心(02-28616630 、 0986716630) 。
  4. 請退房時拆下床罩如屬免洗拋棄式床罩請與房間內垃圾直接丟至小型垃圾袋,如是布質床罩需要回收清洗消毒,請另外用垃圾袋裝。
  5. 房間內與盥洗室的垃圾請清理乾淨用垃圾袋裝起來(可以連同丟棄式的床罩裝一起),並將清理後的房間與盥洗室各照一張照片傳至關懷群組。
  6. 離開時將垃圾及床罩放置公共空間處以利清潔人員處理。
  7. 違反前開各項規範經查證屬實者且情節重大者,得不經退宿會議予以退宿,並喪失日後住宿權。
  8. 本注意事項經全校防疫會議通過實施。
  1. All the students who are asked to move into the self-isolation rooms are required to join the Line Group to keep contact with the school authorities. Upon moving out, the student could leave the Line Group.
  2. Please pick up your meal at the time assigned at the Line Group when the food is delivered to your room. Avoid contacts when picking up meals.
  3. Please call 1922 to report any symptoms developed. If you experience shortness of breath or chest pain, call 911 for emergent health care and report to the campus security center (02-28616630, 0986716630).
  4. Please turn down the bed sheet and throw it into the trash bag or trash bin if the bed sheet is disposable. Bag the bed sheet if it is recyclable.
  5. Please clean the room and clean up all the trash along with the disposable bed sheet. Take a photo of the clean room (bathroom included) and post the photo to the Line Group.
  6. Please help the cleaning staff by leaving the trash bag in the public area.
  7. Violation to the above rules once confirmed will lead to severe consequences. The residents could lose their rights and be denied for future application to stay in the dormitory.
  8. The guideline was approved by the school administration meeting and became effective.
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