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111 學年度第2 學期宿舍續住申請辦法
Dormitory Application for the Spring Semester

By 2022 年 12 月 8 日 / 最新消息, 本處公告


111 學年度第2 學期宿舍續住申請辦法
二、申請時間:111 年 12 月 7 日~12 月 13 日止(逾時視同放棄)
三、申請方式:上網申請 點選『學生』進入MyCCU 專區→全部功能→校園服務
五、宿舍開館日期:自 112 年 2 月 4 日起至 2 月 12 日至宿舍輔導員辦公室主動出示繳費證明,以完
六、注意事項:本學期因未繳清住宿費及保證金而無法上網申請續住登錄的同學,請至大恩館 2 樓生活

This application is for all students who already lived in the dorm. Students who haven’t paid the accommodation or the guarantee fee are prohibited from applying.

Time to apply: Dec.7 th 2022-Dec.13 th 2022

Please apply via MyCCU of the school website:

After applying online, the dormitory fee will be added to next semester’s tuition bill. Please make sure you’ve finished all the payment procedures before moving in.

Dormitory check-in time is from Feb,4 th ~12 th of 2023.

You shall bring your receipt to meet with the dormitory manager for a completed check-in.


  1. Please DO NOT change your dorms by yourselves. This act will be fined.
  2. After the application is completed, there is no refund unless you do not pass the courses required for enrollment or you planned to drop out, please think twice before you apply.

Student Counseling Section, Chinese Culture University

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