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Living in Dormitory

By 2022 年 8 月 4 日 / Campus Dormitory Guide

There is no curfew in the dorms.
*The curfew for female dormitories officially terminated on August 11, 2016.

Mailing address
Students who have letter or goods mailed to the dormitories shall use the address below:
Room No.______of ______Building
55, Hwa-Kang Road, Yang-Ming-Shan, Taipei, Taiwan 111396

Entry restriction
1. Residents use student ID card to enter the dormitory they reside.
2. The curfew for woman student dormitories ended.
3. Residents shall not invite the opposite sex visitors into the dormitory buildings. Those who violate the rule will be asked to move out. This rule does not apply to those who are authorized to enter for business with an eligible ID.

CCU Resident Code of Conduct
1. According to the Article 20 of CCU Resident Code of Conduct, residents who have the following behaviors shall be asked to move out of their dorm rooms:
Smoking, gambling, fighting, possessing pets, entering the dormitories of the opposite sex, theft, burning items, leasing out their bed, inviting visitors to stay overnight, illegally using the Internet access, holding weapons such as guns and knives, or possessing or using illegal substances and drugs.
2. According to the Article 21 and 22 of CCU Resident Code of Conduct, residents who have the following behaviors shall be reported to the school:
Damaging public properties, creating loud noises, failing to comply with school policies, blocking the entrance, exit or corridors with objects, cooking food outside the kitchen, endangering public health and failing to respect the right of other residents.
3. The incident reports will be examined and given deduction points according to the seriousness of the incidents. The deduction points are calculated in units of academic years. Those who have accumulated 8 points in an academic year will be given a penalty of withdrawal from the dormitory immediately; those who have 5 points will lose their rights to stay at dormitory for the next semester or academic year.
4. Residents could ask the dormitory management staffs or dormitory counselors to offset the deduction points by conducting services. 10 hours of services could wave one deduction point.
5. The dormitories will post the list of misconducts and deduction points every month. Appeals or questions regarding the misconducts and penalties could be submitted to the dormitory management staffs.

Room assignments
1. Room assignments are made by the dormitory management staffs in August.
2. Graduate students and undergraduate sophomores could ask counselors to apply for staying with the roommates they intend to live together after approved to stay at the dormitory rooms; however, all the rooms are assigned by the dormitory management staffs.
3. Dormitory assistants stay at the same rooms which are assigned by the dormitory management staffs.

Food cooking/storage
Q1. Can I cook at the dormitory room?
A1. To avoid a fire hazard, no cooking is allowed in the dormitory room. Pantries are equipped in all dormitories for students to prepare food. Those who cook with heat sources will be recorded and 3 deduction points will be given according to the article 21 of CCU Resident Student Code of Conduct.
Q2. Are there refrigerators in the dormitory?
A2. No refrigerators are provided in the dormitory. Students are not allowed to put a refrigerator in their room. (Note: the mini fridges in the dormitory assistants’ rooms are for medical supplies only.)
Q3. What if I need a fridge for special need?
A3. Students who need a fridge for medical purposes could file a request to the dormitory assistants with and official proofs.


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