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Application Procedures

By 2022 年 8 月 4 日 / Campus Dormitory Guide

Q: Who can apply to stay in the dormitory rooms during the winter and summer breaks?

The following students could apply to stay in the dormitory rooms:
1. International students
2. Students who are assisting teachers to conduct research.
3. Students who are interns of the department.
4. Students who are working part-time on campus.
5. Students who are taking the summer courses.
6. Athletes in school sports teams.
Students who want to stay in the dormitory rooms in the winter or summer break need to fill out application forms and submit it to the Student Counseling Section of the Office of Student Affairs.

Dormitory rooms are reserved for the following students
1. Physically challenged students
2. Students from low income households
3. Taiwanese students whose households are not in Taiwan.
4. Overseas Chinese students who are enrolled in the Overseas Youth Vocational Training School.
5. International students who are studying in the exchange program, double degree or degree program.

Check in
1. Residents should complete payment before moving in.
2. Check-in must be done when the dormitory buildings are open.
3. Upon entering the dormitory building, please report to the Workstation of dormitory assistants (signs can be found in the building) and submit the accommodation agreement in CCU.
4. The dormitory assistants will provide room password (or keys) and bed number.
After completing the above procedures, students can move into the designated room.

Check out
1. Students can live in the same dormitory room for one academic year; therefore, residents could continue staying in the same room for the second semester (unless the building has its own rules regarding to dormitory exit).
2. Residents who decide not to continue living for the second semester could vacate the room and complete the checkout procedures and get the deposit back.
3. Residents vacate, clean the room and space without leaving any personal belongings when checking out. They need to fill out the checkout sheet and submit it to the dormitory assistants who will check the room. Residents could leave the dormitory building afterwards.
4. Although residents could stay in the same room, they are advised to keep their room and bed clean, and keep their personal belonging safe. The school is not responsible for any loss of residents’ belongings.

1. Residents who wish to continue living in the same room in the following year need to register online by signing up for their accommodation via the school administration system.
2. Application for dormitory accommodation: Login onto E-campus and choose Renewal to register your dormitory room for next semester. Announcement for application result will be posted on school website.

Leave of absence
1. Residents need to take part in activities held in the dormitory building. These activities include fire and disaster drills. Residents may ask for a leave of absence by filling out absence excuse form from the student assistants or download them online. Please note that your absence slips need to be approved by the dormitory counselors, military officers, or section chief of the Student Counseling Section.
2. Dormitory assistants need to fill out the absence excuse form three days before and submit to the office in charge before building meetings. Application for sick leaves may be submitted within three days after building meetings. Those who fail to submit the leave of absence application two times consecutively or three times in total may be given a warning in accordance with Article 12 of Regulations for Reward and Punishment.

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