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Orientation for Students in Exchange Programs and English-Taught Programs

By 2022 年 10 月 14 日 / 最新消息, 活動紀錄

國際處為協助111學年度第1學期交換生及全英文授課外籍新生融入文化大學生活,於10月7日 (週五)中午舉行新生明會,會中王副校長志誠及相關系所師長均到場歡迎交換生及全英文授課外籍新生,本次外籍交換生主要來自法國、英國、日本、韓國及泰國的姊妹校,王副校長表示文化大學有美麗友善的環境及優秀熱情的教師,相信外籍交換生及全英文授課外籍新生在本校一定能度過美好的學習生活,並能將台灣人熱情文化帶回國;王副校長也表示如果外籍生畢業之後,可考慮長期留在台灣,台灣以友善國家聞名。






To welcome the exchange students and students studying in English-taught programs at Chinese Culture University, the Office of International Office held an orientation Friday from 11:45 to 13:00 at Da En Building Room 104 (conference center) for international students in the exchange and English-taught programs.

The orientation offers students excellent opportunities to learn things they need to know when studying or exchanging at CCU. Vice President Chih-Cheng Wang was invited to give a short talk to the students. He said that Chinese Culture University was proud of having a great learning environment and excellent faculty and staff who are passionate about providing teaching and assistance to ensure students have a wonderful experience in Taiwan. Vice President Wang would like students to know more about the people and culture in Taiwan and later bring it back to their home countries. After graduation, they could even plan to stay in Taiwan, where they will find an ideal place to live.

Vice President Ben Chen introduced the Office of International and Mainland Affairs to the participants. He mentioned that the office has been promoting academic exchange between our school and partner schools by providing cultural exchange activities, free mandarin courses, and enthusiastic student mentors for international students. The office has worked with departments, colleges, and offices to assist international students.

Teachers from relevant departments were invited to talk to the students. Professors from the English, French, Japanese, and Korean Department and the Department of International Business spoke to students in the orientation. Professor Mei-Chun Lin uses French, while professor Mo-yo Lin uses Japanese to welcome students from France and Japan. Mr. Huang, the military training officer, participated in the orientation and stated that it is illegal to use banned drugs in Taiwan. He told students to mind their safety and seek help if they encountered any trouble. The military training office provides a hotline 24/7 for students.

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