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全校遠距延長至5/22 部分課程遠距至6/5或學期末
Remote teaching continues to May 22, some classes to June 5 or the end of the semester

By 2022 年 5 月 9 日 / 最新消息







In response to the current COVID-19 situation and the policy of the Ministry of Education (MoE), Acting President Wang of CCU convened the administration meeting on May 6, which passed the following resolutions:

  1. Remote instruction will be adopted for all classes from May 9 to May 22. This decision is made based on the capacity of the dormitories since more than 1/3 of the classes were affected by the pandemic.
  2. Because some students or teachers were identified as “confirmed cases” or “close contact,” their classes have been switched to remote instruction. These classes will maintain remote teaching until June 5 or may continue to the end of the semester if the teachers and students come to an agreement. Remote instruction can also be adopted by classes having 80 and more students or those in poor-ventilated classrooms to June 6 based on the decisions of the students and teachers. Applications must be sent to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  3. For laboratory and field courses, teachers could apply to the Office of Academic Affairs for a different mode of instruction with the agreement of students. (Please check the detailed information with the Office of Academic Affairs
  4. Students who have returned home or temporarily live outside campus do not move back to the dormitories. Those who are still staying in the dormitories are advised to move back home to conduct remote instruction to ensure the safety and health of all the residents in the school dormitories.

Epidemic Prevention Task Force (May 6, 2022)

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