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CCU will resume in-person instruction starting April 25th, 2022

By 2022 年 4 月 21 日 / 最新消息










  1. In accordance with the regulations on class suspension amended by the Ministry of Education on April 13, 2022, CCU will return to in-person instruction from April 25th.
  2. All faculty members and students should follow the following guidelines:
    1. Individuals tested positive for COVID-19 and their close contacts (including instructors and students in the same class) adopt remote teaching/learning for a week (7 days) upon receiving the notice from the school.
    2. Office of Academic Affairs updates on its webpage the list of classes which are switched to remote instruction and send out messages via school email.

※Announcement can be found from school’s homepage.

  1. If one third of the in-person classes have been switched to remote instruction due to the increase in confirmed cases, the school will suspend all in-person classes. Please check the latest updates.
  2. Please abide by all pandemic related regulations. Masks must be worn at all times during classes.
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