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Registration Procedures for International Students Studying in the English Program

By 2022 年 7 月 27 日5 9 月, 2022 / 最新消息, 本處公告


1.1學歷證件 審查入學資格用,請於8月31日前至學生專區上傳。上傳路徑 個人檔案-個資資料設定-文件上傳-新生學歷證件上傳



2.開始上課日期: 111年9月12日(星期一)

3.繳交學雜費 應於111年8月16日起-9月5日繳交。學雜費賬單查詢請登錄學生專區-財務服務-學雜費明細查詢。若需海外匯款,詳如附件說明。




List of the attachments:

  1. 海外匯款說明
  2. 碩、博士新生註冊手冊(中文)
  3. 大學新生註冊手冊(中文)
  4. 111學年度行事曆
  5. 如何查詢繳費單

1.Documents you should provide for registration:

1.1 The applicant’s previous education diploma

Log in to the website with your student account number and password (sent by the Academic Affairs Department, Chinese  Culture University) and upload a copy of your previous diploma.

1.2 Original copy of your previous transcript to waive your classes if there are any.

Students should present the hard copy of the verified document of diploma and transcript to the Academic office  to complete their registration.

2. Classes start on the 12nd of September (Monday) 2022

3. Students could pay tuition fees from 16/08/2022 to 5/09/2022.  If you need to transfer your fees overseas, please follow the instructions in the attachment below.

4. Contact us:

List of the attachments:

  1. How to pay tuition through bank transfer
  2. Enrollment handbook for the post-graduates
  3. Enrollment handbook for the undergraduates
  4. University Calendar for the 111academic year
  5. How to check the tuition bills
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