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總務處10月2日全校防疫室內消毒 全校齊心防疫 你我都有責
General Affairs Department to Disinfect Campus Facilities on October 2

By 2021 年 9 月 30 日 / 最新消息



曉峯圖書館:10:00 ~ 11:00大義館:11:00 ~ 12:00大雅館:13:00 ~ 14:30大恩館、大功館:14:30 ~ 16:00大仁館:16:00 ~ 17:00國際學舍、大忠館:17:00 ~ 18:00。

大典館、大賢館、菲華樓大德館:10:00 ~ 11:00大成館:11:00 ~ 11:30大莊館:11:30 ~ 12:00大倫館:13:30 ~ 14:30大慈館:14:30 ~ 16:00大孝館、體育館:16:00 ~ 18:00。

Chinese Culture University is scheduled to disinfect campus buildings for COVID-19 prevention. All students, faculty, and staff should carry out personal pandemic-prevention measures to safeguard the school.

In response to the government policy and for ensuring a safe space for our students, faculty, and staff, General Affairs Department is to carry out environmental disinfection, starting from 10 a.m. this Saturday, August 2nd.  The disinfection is mainly for indoor spaces, offices, classrooms for special purposes, and dormitory buildings. Please leave the door unlocked or assign personnel to assist the access for the cleaning teams. For your own safety, please wait for 2 hours after the disinfection is completed. Thanks for the cooperation!

CCU library: 10:00 ~ 11:00; Da Yi Building: 11:00 ~ 12:00 Da Ya Building: 13:00 ~ 14:30; Da En Building and Da Gong Building: 14:30~16:00 Da Ren Building: 16:00~17:00 International Student House and Da Zhong Building: 17:00~18:00

Da Dian, Da Xian, and Fei Hwa Building: 10:00~11:00; Da Cheng Building: 11:00~11:30; Da Zhuang Building: 11:30~12:00; Da Lun Building: 13:30~14:30; Da Ci Building: 14:30~16:00 Da Xiao Building and the gym: 16:00~ 18:00

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