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文大推廣與泰國姊妹校正大管理學院數位課程線上開課 120位PIM學生選修 
CCU School of Continuing Education offers online course, receiving more than 120 students from PIM

By 2021 年 12 月 30 日 / 國際交流

中國文化大學推廣教育部遠距教學中心執行「110年磨課師新南向課程計畫補助」,與全商系黃雪梨教授課程專家,製作「組織行為的探討及管理」數位課程,並同步推廣於泰國姊妹校正大管理學院(Panyapiwat Institute of Management;以下簡稱PIM)。課程已逾120位PIM學生選修,王淑音代理校長在線上宣布雙方跨校交流與同步教學活動啟動,並期許文大擁有多元的課程與專業的教師,以及經驗豐富的線上課程製作團隊,透過多元方案跨校交流,能在疫情期間,仍與國際間保持友好互動。




The School of Continuing Education of Chinese Culture University is offering a massive open online course, or MOOC, to students of the Panyapiwat Institute of Management in Thailand. There are more than 120 students taking the Organizational Behavior and Management taught by Dr. Huang of the Department of Global Business. Acting President Shu-Yin Wang announced the start of the online remoting learning delivered by CCU during the open ceremony.  She hoped in the future she would see more teachers participating in multifaceted projects that could promote exchanges and interactions between CCU and the partner universities even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Wang pointed out that travel restrictions and prevention measures have stopped many educational exchange activities, slowing the communication between CCU and its partner universities. With the online teaching method, CCU and PIM could continue to offer their teaching and at the same time promote their longstanding and close relation. Students participating in and completing the online course will obtain OpenEdu certificate.

The Office of International and Mainland Affairs has been working with the School of Continuing Education to deliver more learning resources to students in Thailand. Currently, more than 120 students from PIM are taking the class, and expecting to complete the course in February 2022.

The project was sponsored by the Chinese Open Education Consortium, which is funded by the Ministry of Education to promote open courses offered by Taiwan’s universities to students in the New Southbound Countries.

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