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Important notice to overseas students (exchange students included)!!!

By 2022 年 9 月 1 日6 7 月, 2023 / 國際學生來台, 最新消息, 本處公告

1. 入境檢疫系統

  •  姓名欄位(*)必須與護照上完整姓名“一模一樣”,護照有列出英文middle name亦要登載。
  • 電話欄位:
  • 抵台後憑簡訊連結,更改成台灣手機號碼:

(~)填入台灣手機號碼,欄位須去‘0’ (欄位下方有中英文字說明!)

(尤其護照姓名/桃園機場、飯店地址欄位、 防疫車輛/巴士欄位)


2. 購買電話卡部分:

  • 目前管制區手機租借數量常有不足,請學生務必自行確認是否手機有鎖區/鎖卡問題(目前iPhone居多)。
  • 請準備歐元/美金現金(以電信公司當日匯率計費),或信用卡以購買電話卡,在完成CDC 截圖通關前,沒有提款機及銀行可取款換匯,非國際通用貨幣亦無法支付電話卡費用。
  •  請保留手機足夠電力,以供下機後操作完成入境檢疫系統截圖作業,方能通過CDC查核及防疫計程車登載。
  • 未成年學生飯店入住/電信公司要求之監護人同意相關文件,請老師洽詢飯店/電信公司。

3. 學生可將 “教育部入境許可證” /“中華民國台灣地區入出境許可證(中港澳學生)” 檔案截圖備份在手機裡。避免找不到紙本文件,現場又找不到學校傳送郵件,無法出示給移民署查核。

4. 因目前航班降落時間密集,登機門位置分散,請學生下機後仍務必先尋找桃機小組報到。離開登機門區域未向桃機小組報到,請要求學生務必在電信公司處等候,可先行辦好台灣電話卡,勿自行通關。

1. When entering data into Quarantine System for Entry

  • Please key in your name as shown on your passport. Middle name (if any) must be included.
  • For the telephone number, list the mobile number used in your home country if you haven’t got a Taiwan mobile phone number or you are not sure if your mobile (sim) number obtained in your home country is working in Taiwan. Notice: The data listed in the HDHQ system can’t be revised. Students need to re-enter data for the system once again if the information is incorrect.
  • The mobile service companies may not have a counter in ABCD areas of the arrival building. Students who reserved a sim card from the mobile service company may not get the product at the arrival gate. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you buy a sim card at the service counter available at the airport.
  • Please change the telephone listed in the system after you obtain the Taiwan mobile phone number. The international code for calls into Taiwan is 886. When listing the Taiwan mobile phone, no need to fill in “0”. Please read the Chinese or English instructions before filling in!!
  • Students need to check their information and make sure it is correct even if someone else fills out the form. (Passport name, arrival airport, address of the quarantine hotel, vehicle to hotel).
  • If the flight is canceled or rescheduled due to any reason, students need to enter data into the Quarantine System for Entry once again.
  1. Sim Card Purchase:
  • Although there are some rental mobile phones to be used in certain airport areas, arrivals may not get one if there are out of stock. It is better to make sure that your mobile phone is unlocked.
  • Please prepare cash in US dollars or euros (the mobile phone service company will charge you with the exchange rate for the day) or a credit card to purchase a sim card. Arrivals can’t find an ATM or bank the exchange money before they are asked to take the screenshot for the quarantine test asked by CDC.
  • Reserve mobile phone battery power in order to go through the CDC screening and take the quarantine taxi.
  • Students under 20 years old need their parents’ consent form to stay in a hotel or purchase a mobile phone sim card.

3. Students need to show their Entry Permit issued by the Ministry of Education (MoE). It is advised that students keep a screenshot of the Entry Permit, which can be shown at the airport if they can’t find the printed document.

4. Students need to report to the staff of MoE after arriving at the arrival gate. If students missed the receiving staff, please wait at the mobile phone service counter and purchase a sim card if necessary. Do not go through immigration.

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